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UK’s Daily Mirror Blogs Infographics

December 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Ampp3d — launched in November — makes “journalism more accessible through data visualisations.”

The Ampp3d  blog  focuses on the Daily Mirror’s “charts, graphs, facts, figures and … infographics” by collecting and presenting in one place the data visualizations published in the Mirror. Ammp3d demonstrates that infographics do not need to be elaborate to add impact to a story and satisfy readers. It is one of many examples of journalists using graphics to appeal to younger audiences (and help with the ever-important subscriber figures).

Mirror-Tax graph

Here’s everything you need to know about Beyoncé, in numbers.


Dueling Graphics

Wall Street Journal and others

The WSJ’s attempt to show that the rich are not really all that rich set off a series of dueling graphs.The graph was promptly redrawn by Mother Jones and redrawn once again by blogger Gregg Hilferding. This aptly demonstrates that the bins used for aggregating data into bars should have some basis in reality. Viz., defining anyone earning less than $100,000 as “poor” is certainly disingenuous. If the policy being debated affects all those earning more than $200,000, dividing that group into many small bins leads us away from the issue at hand. A graph with just three bins may indeed provide the most insight, but only if the bins were properly constructed.

WSJ Tweets Graphics

Wall Street Journal

The WSJ experiments with including small graphs (sparklines) in its Tweets. The number of bar heights is very limited and care must be taken to prevent graphs hitting a line break

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