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Banks Go Graphic

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Banks, jockeying for competitive advantage, are turning to graphical dashboards to give customers a birds-eye view of their financial situation.

U.S. Bank ScoreBoard

U.S. Bank is introducing an online, graphical dashboard to give business clients a clearer look at their credit card transactions. The U.S. Bank ScoreBoard presents charts and graphs that reveal different aspects of customers’ credit card transactions. The goal is to give customers the ability to monitor spending and gain insights into how their sales trends compare to similar merchants.

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet is PNC’s bid to provide “comprehensive money management and online banking solution for the next generation of banking customers, Generation Y.”


Many long-established businesses are becoming increasingly aware that their customer’s age distribution skews to the aged. Future prospects are not good unless new customers are found to replace existing customers moving to retirement. To attract younger new customers, these companies are increasingly turning to displaying data as graphic visualizations.