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This is Not a Pie Chart

Fast Company finds an interesting way to present its examination of the OWS movement

Anyone with a lack of imagination would present this survey as a set of 100% stacked column charts, but that would be a bit too boring for Fast Company. So Fast Company went with this circular presentation that suggests its examination of the movement encompasses a full 360-degree view.

But the question is, is this the clearest way to present these results? Design coolness should not trump the need to present information in a way that quickly and clearly communicates. Scroll down to a second graphic that was not used. I think that second graphic serves the needs of the reader much better. Follow this link to JESS3 to see all the alternative presentations developed by the designer. (A good reminder that creating an infographic is hard work and does not always turn out for the best.)


I think this more compact presentation reads faster and even has room for some additional explanatory text. I wonder how the designer felt at the end of the day.