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Knight Foundation Grants Focus on Data Journalism


Using graphics to bring out the hidden meaning in data

The Knight Foundation is investing $1.5 million (almost a third of its $4.7 million “News Challenge Grants” program) to find ways to assist journalists and the public to make sense of vast amounts of data.

  • The Associated Press will receive $475,000 to fund a 2-year project to develop visualization tools to help journalists explore data.
  • The Chicago Tribune and The Spokesman-Review will receive $150,000 to create simple, Web-based tools to help journalists analyze and organize data.
  • The University of Missouri’s Investigative Reporters and Editors will receive $320,000 to develop DocumentCloud Reader Annotations, exploring ways for the public to add notes to documents.
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will receive $275,000 to help rural news organizations adopt data-oriented approachs to public records.
  • UK-based ScraperWiki will receive $280,000 to develop a “data on demand” service for its existing website that will enable journalists to request data and stay apprised of  changes.