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Financial Times’ iPad Dashboard looks and acts like an iPad app, but it is actually an HTML5 web page.

The advantage for the publisher is not having to endure Apple’s approval process, not having to pay Apple a 30% commission, and the ability to market content outside of Apple’s overcrowded App Store.

It is also much less costly to develop a Web page than to program a complicated app from scratch.

HTML5 Web pages also have the potential for reaching a wider audience. An app will be tied to a single type of tablet computer. An HTML5 Web page will be instantly viewable on any device that supports the new HTML5 standard.

Thanks to the capabilities of the new HTML5 standard, FT’s presentation can be made with few compromises. A large amount of critical and almost up to date (delayed 20-minutes) data is made available in a single convenient dashboard.

This page of Market Data is navigated using standard iPad finger gestures. The various information panels are interactive, enabling the reader to scroll through the data, focusing on what interests them.


Environmental Reporting: “Our Choice” iPad App

iPad & Pop Push Press

“Years ago I shifted from making speeches about climate to presenting slideshows precisely because the complexity of the material makes it easier to communicate with pictures. Interactive infographics make it easier still” — Al Gore

Gore’s latest book, “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis,” has been transformed into an interactive iPad app. Pop Push Press enhanced the 400 pages from the print edition of “Our Choice” with a ton of mixed media based features to get readers engaged in the content, adding: images, more than 30 interactive infographs, over an hour of documentary footage with narration by Gore. The app will retail for a special price of $4.99 for a limited time in the iTunes store.

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